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Well, we did it again....
WE had a few problems with running the party as I was not feeling good and many people who had offered to help flaked out.
Thank you's go out to Jen, Sean, Nathan, and Ellie.... We closed early after almost running out of food, and after running out of cups.

The food was good, the people plentiful. We collected 3 Norwescon tote bags with toiletries that have been delivered to Noel House.

Next year the Food Orgy will be held on Thursday March 20th. This is an auspicious day since it is the Vernal Equinox and my BIRTHDAY!!! John and I will be arriving at the hotel on Wednesday instead of Thursday so that we actually will have a full day to get the place ready. Anyone who wants to stay there that night and help out would be greatly welcomed. And this time, we are going to get to drink out by the hot tub since there won't be any "con" security set up on Wed night.

As for the menu, any suggestions will be welcomed. I intend to make more vegitarian friendly food including grilled portabello mushrooms and veggie spring rolls.
The drink list has changed thanks to the raves about the purple concoction that I made...That was definately a hit.

There will be a Templi Sensua by invitation only party on March 21st.
It was a very good party. Next year, I think we need to have some official(ish) type positions:

  • Bartender (Belinda)
  • Bartender relief (John)
  • Door Gargoyle/Host(ess) (I'll volunteer for this one since I had a good time doing it this year.)
  • Female Feeder
  • Male Feeder (These last two are REALLY needed for those shy and socially awkward people who just don't know how to get other people to feed them.)

    I also think we should consider putting down painter's drop cloths to protect the floors.
  • Actually we are getting Visqueen for the floors (it is such strong stuff, and cheap too), and we are hoping that we can have a rotating schedule for all the positions next year. More mingling=more fun for everyone.

    I also have a good idea for anyone who wants to join us. All we would ask for membership is to volunteer 2 hours to the convention and 2 hours to either the prep/set up or service at the party.

    I was really suprised when we got checked out by almost all the other parties there at con, and I even heard the Gnomes talking in awe about the food spread. Even the Bakulites stopped by the next day to ask us how the hell we could serve so much food....My response.... "Well, we want people to have fun without puking on thier shoes." So he gave me and John membership cards to thier cult.

    I have so many other ideas, but I have to get off the computer and go to hell... I mean home....

    Oh....and the party will be 21+ instead of all ages just to be a little more kosher.....
    So, the Door Gargoyle will need to check IDs at the door?
    Is the 21+ requirement for alcohol or for something else?
    Since there is alcohol at the party, that is why.