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Party rule discussions...

There are a couple of discussions happening about the party rules and what the party heads are doing about them.

The thread over on the Official Norwescon forums:
The Head of the Parties:*

I'd hate to see you guys fold under this.

* Just to be clear, is not sponsored or in any way an official Norwescon site.

Bad News.....

So, I just got the Norwescon pre-con report and my heart nearly ripped it's self out of my chest. 

It is with sad heart that this coming up year we will not be able to hold a party. They are asking for $2000 deposit even on closed room parties, a Special Occasion License ($60 and is only good for 1 day), an inspection of the room before and after the party, We are no longer allowed to move furniture in the room AT ALL, and to top it off if you serve food you have to have a food handler's permit for everyone involved in the party.....

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Another Year, Another Food Orgy...

Well, we did it again....
WE had a few problems with running the party as I was not feeling good and many people who had offered to help flaked out.
Thank you's go out to Jen, Sean, Nathan, and Ellie.... We closed early after almost running out of food, and after running out of cups.

The food was good, the people plentiful. We collected 3 Norwescon tote bags with toiletries that have been delivered to Noel House.

Next year the Food Orgy will be held on Thursday March 20th. This is an auspicious day since it is the Vernal Equinox and my BIRTHDAY!!! John and I will be arriving at the hotel on Wednesday instead of Thursday so that we actually will have a full day to get the place ready. Anyone who wants to stay there that night and help out would be greatly welcomed. And this time, we are going to get to drink out by the hot tub since there won't be any "con" security set up on Wed night.

As for the menu, any suggestions will be welcomed. I intend to make more vegitarian friendly food including grilled portabello mushrooms and veggie spring rolls.
The drink list has changed thanks to the raves about the purple concoction that I made...That was definately a hit.

There will be a Templi Sensua by invitation only party on March 21st.
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Templi Sensua's Food Orgy at NorWesCon30

I am pleased to announce that Templi Sensua will be doing our Second Food Orgy this year at NorWesCon. It will be held on Saturday night April 7 starting at 8pm, and closing down whenever people stop showing up. 
We will have food, drink, music....etc. (hopefully we will have our new laptop before con hits)
Anyone who can help with the party in any way will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you...Belinda aka The High Magda

Posting about future events

Okay, so I know that no one has posted in a long time to this community. But thanks to a friend letting me use thier computer, here is a post.

So Easter Weekend as we all know is NorWesCon. Here is the tentative events that we are going to be hosting.

Thursday Night: 6-9pm Early Bird BBQ. (I am sure that this is pretty much self-explanitary.) This event will be BYOB, but the food will be provided.

Thursday-Sunday: The Second Annual Toiletries Drive for the Homeless. We will be attacking people for thier toiletries that they don't use. These will be donated to Noel House Programs a Shelter Organization that serves over 200 homeless women per night.

Friday Night: 7pm-9pm All ages Tastes of Delight.

Saturday Night: 9pm-2am 21+ Food Orgy (We will have a post of the rules at the door that night, as well as a bouncer, hopefully) Anyone who wishes to volunteer will be greatly appreciated.

Okay, so here are some of the other things I wanted to ask.

Is anyone adverse to a Membership Fee to help out with our parties?
Should we actually have a type of identifying mark for each of the houses?

That's all for now.

Belinda the High Magda
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Poking for more information...

The only reference I could find to the Templi Sensua is from Norwescon 27 and that it's a food orgy, though not to be confused with an orgy involving food, but rather there only being a prohibition against feeding one's. Is this the same thing or am I completely off base?
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Hello Temple people!

*does first post dance*

Had to put something on that woefully blank page!

But, I'm tired, so I don't have much else to say but HELLOS!!!

*spins off stage*
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