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Okay, so I know that no one has posted in a long time to this community. But thanks to a friend letting me use thier computer, here is a post.

So Easter Weekend as we all know is NorWesCon. Here is the tentative events that we are going to be hosting.

Thursday Night: 6-9pm Early Bird BBQ. (I am sure that this is pretty much self-explanitary.) This event will be BYOB, but the food will be provided.

Thursday-Sunday: The Second Annual Toiletries Drive for the Homeless. We will be attacking people for thier toiletries that they don't use. These will be donated to Noel House Programs a Shelter Organization that serves over 200 homeless women per night.

Friday Night: 7pm-9pm All ages Tastes of Delight.

Saturday Night: 9pm-2am 21+ Food Orgy (We will have a post of the rules at the door that night, as well as a bouncer, hopefully) Anyone who wishes to volunteer will be greatly appreciated.

Okay, so here are some of the other things I wanted to ask.

Is anyone adverse to a Membership Fee to help out with our parties?
Should we actually have a type of identifying mark for each of the houses?

That's all for now.

Belinda the High Magda